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At this node, the total upstream owner constraint volumes are transferred to downstream owners in specified proportions (as shown here). It can be configured as either a boundary or an in-system node. Refer to Transfer of ownership node for details.

The original downstream order can be split between the new upstream owners specified at the boundary TO node (owner proportion here), and supplied using water belonging to the specified upstream owners. When flow resulting from the released order reaches the upstream boundary of the ordering location’s ownership system, its ownership is split between downstream owners according to Flow proportions (Figure 2).

Ownership options at a Supply Point are illustrated in Figure 11.

The Borrow and Payback system works so that the owners' flow best matches the proportions of their orders and tracks their borrowing. Extracted volumes are restricted to the owners' flow at the supply point and their capacity to meet their downstream order. Each owners' relative shortfall is not calculated based on a proportion of the overall shortfall, but rather the individual owner's ability to meet their own orders. 

The overbank sharing method is used to determine the ownership of the water taken by the supply point when the overbank threshold has been exceeded. This can be specified as a fixed ratio or proportional. The proportional overbank sharing method will take the water in the ratio of ownership currently in the river.

The water user node represents a demand in the model, where orders are generated and passed upstream. Figure 12 shows the proportions distributed and returned that must be specified for each owner, when non-account sharing has been selected.

The intention of ownership at links is to define which owner is responsible for fluxes that occur on links. This is available for lagged flow routing and storage links.

This dialog allows you to specify what proportion of catchment inflows are allocated to each owner. Enable the Override Catchment Inflow Proportions checkbox and specify the proportion in the table below.

These fluxes are defined as a function using the Function manager. Each link’s ownership system will always match the one for the upstream connected node. You can specify what proportion of flux to allocate to each owner using the checkboxes shown in Figure 14. Once enabled, specify the proportion in the table below.