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This section provides an overview of each menu, sub-menu and toolbar command available in the Source main screen. It also acts as a good reference point when you become familiar with Source.



Note: The Results Manager opens in a separate window after a scenario run. Refer to the following associated menu options and toolbars:

Table 1. Menus
Menu barSimilar to the high-level standard Windows menu bar, this bar allows you to access various components of Source.
File menuProvides high-level management of files, scenarios and projects, such as the ability to save, close and open files.
Edit menuProvides access to various components, such as ownership, resource assessment and additional tools (for example, the Feature Table and Scenario Input Sets).
View menuControls visibility of various panels, such as the Project Explorer or Log Reporter.
Run menuProvides the ability to run scenarios.
Tools menuProvides access to various tools and plugins.
Help menuProvides links to useful materials, such as documentation, training and the eWater website.
Results Manager

Comprised of the following menus that allow you to manage results analysis:

  • File – Load results files and time series, save and load configuration files;
  • Options access Transforms; and
  • Help Provides links to documentation, feedback and a list of the keyboard shortcuts.
Table 2. Source toolbars
ToolbarDescriptionLocation in Source
ChartAllows you to manage and work with charts.Results Manager
Data SourcesAllows you to manage and work with time series data.Data Sources Explorer
Date RangesAllows you to manage and work with date ranges.Function Editor
Results ManagerAllows you to manage, analyse and view resultsResults Manager
FileProvides high-level management of projects and scenarios.Main screen
Function EditorAllows you to work with functions.Function Editor
Function managerProvides high-level management of functions.Function Manager
Geographic EditorAllows you to work with catchments scenarios.Geographic Editor
Scenario Input SetsAllows management of input sets (used when importing data).Scenario Input Sets
Layer ManagerProvides managements of layers used in the catchments scenarios.Layer Manager
MapsAllows management of a background map image with overlaid nodes of a schematic scenario.Maps
OrderingProvides access to the Ordering dialogs.Main screen
ProjectProvides shortcuts to various Source components.Main screen
Project ExplorerProvides high-level management of scenarios and projects.Project Explorer
Quick View

Quickly alter the view of your results.

Results Manager
Recording ManagerAllows you to manage scenario run results.Recording Manager
ScenarioProvides shortcuts to various Source components.Main screen
Schematic EditorAllows you to edit the display properties of the Schematic Editor and components shown within it.Schematic Editor
SimulationAllows you to undertake a scenario run.Main screen
StatisticsAllows you to edit the statistical view of results.Charting tool
Text managementA generic toolbar used for management of text input.Forms part of the Functions and Scenario Input Sets toolbars
TransformsAllows management of transforms.Results Manager


The menu bar for Source is shown in Figure 1 and is like the standard Windows™ menu bar. This section outlines the function of each menu item.



Clears the currently selected run. You are not prompted to confirm the action and it can not be undone.

Sort Run Results

This button lists the run results based on the network run order – leaf nodes to outlet node. Note that this is the default order of run results. It can be used to reset the results after other sorting methods (such as column headings) have been used. 


Toggles view of links that enter and exit the water user and bulk licensing nodes.

Display Grid

Controls whether the Schematic Editor displays a grid on the drawing canvas.