eWater Source

Welcome to the Source Modelling Community

This community supports collaboration and development for eWater Source, Australia's national hydrological modelling platform. Member staff and students can share expertise and knowledge with industry professionals who are actively involved in implementing Source for the Murray-Darling Basin.

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See: Download and Installation

Source Documentation includes the User Guide and Scientific Reference Guide. They provide

  • information on operating Source, including specifying catchment geometry, selecting component models, generating river models, running a project and viewing results;
  • an overview of the broad concepts underlying Source; and
  • information on data formats compatible with Source

The community forum and frequently asked questions are great ways to find solutions to your modelling issues:  https://community.ewater.org.au/

Technical support questions and software bugs can also be logged at support.ewater.com.au. If you would like greater access to eWater's professional team of hydrologists and software developers for help with your models, you may like to consider taking out an eWater support and maintenance agreement.