Note: This is documentation for version 5.0 of Source. For a different version of Source, select the relevant space by using the Spaces menu in the toolbar above

Urban Combination Configuration

Urban Combination Configuration

The Urban Combination simulation is designed to be used when linking an Urban Developer Scenario with a Water User node in a Source Catchments or River System Scenario.

The user configures a single Behavioural Water Use node as a template representing a typical household type (such as an apartment, or detached house with a rainwater tank). The Urban Combination simulation generates a database of the average water demand for every possible combination of occupancy and end usage type defined in Appliances in the scenario Urban Settings

To use the Urban Combination Configuration:

  1. Exactly one behavioural demand node must be present in the scenario (roof and tank nodes can also be present)
  2. Configure the demand node (and tank and roof nodes, if present) to represent a single dwelling. 
  3. Ensure Sampled Appliance and Occupancy is disabled (it will be disabled by default)
  4. Choose the Urban Combination Configuration
  5. Run the model.

The Urban Combination results will be available from within Source River System Scenarios within the same Source project file and can be used to configure Urban Water User nodes with customised distributions and dwelling numbers.