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Community Plugins

Unmoderated Content

The content in this section isn't moderated and is added / edited by Source Community members. 

Community plugins are compiled and distributed with Source, however they are not actively maintained by the development team.  Community members are welcome to add plugins to this list and share them with other community members.

The core team does ensure that with each new release the plugins are re-compiled against each released version so that process doesn't need to be done manually each time there is a new release.

To add your plugin into the plugins that are compiled and distributed you need access to the source code. Please follow the instruction in Accessing the source code and getting started.

Within the Source Community Source code ( there are a few different folders:

BatchRunA batch script to run 1000's of source projects either locally, or over a cluster using the Source commandline.
CodePlaygroundWhere you can put code for your own plugins in development
ExamplePluginsWhere we keep the example plugin code that many plugins use for a base
ProjectFilesUsed to share Source project files with other community members
PythonExampleThis folder shows how you can use Python to run the Source command line and modify parameters within the Source model.
SourcePluginsCommunity plugins are put in here with the project also added to the SourcePlugins.sln and the BuildPlugins.xml do be distributed alongside new Source versions.

Each plugin within the SourcePlugins folder should also have a page here:

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