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Accounts and account types may have limitations placed on their usage that are independent of their allocation (or account balance). This dichotomy may occur because the allocation relates to a water year, and the usage limitation relates to multiple years, or a moving time period. The way such account or account type limitations are implemented depends on the accounting system:

  • In Annual Accounting systems, any number of usage limits may be defined for account types and accounts.
  • Continuous Accounting system General Security accounts may have up to two usage limits. Usage limits cannot be defined for other account types in this system.
  • Continuous Sharing system accounts have a single usage limit that applies to a water year, this is implemented via the Annual Cap attribute.

Account type trigger

A trigger initiates or cancels certain actions for an account type.  A standard example is the start of a water year - this ‘triggers’ the resource assessment and allocation process. Refer to Types of triggers for more information.

Off-allocation system

You can add an off-allocation system to a resource assessment system. Refer to the Off Allocation node for more information.

Linking resource assessment systems

You can link two resource assessment systems using the Function Editor. Refer to Functions Time of Evaluation /wiki/spaces/SD50/pages/50137202 for more details.