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Resource assessment - Source public version

This feature is not available in Source (public version).

Many regulated river systems support several resource assessment schemes to share the available resource (water) among users. In Source, a resource assessment system:

  • is associated with only one scenario in a project, whereas a scenario may be associated with one or more resource assessment systems;
  • can only have one owner, but any given owner or water user may be affected by more than one system; and
  • supports multiple account types.

There are three types of resource assessment supported in Source:

  • Annual accounting - This is a custom assessment method for regulated water;
  • Continuous accounting - This replicates the resource assessment system used in the Gwydir and Namoi in NSW; and
  • Continuous sharing - In this system, the behaviour of a water user has as little effect as possible on other water users within that system. 

You can also configure the following attributes that make up the above three systems:

  • Accounts - Water users within a model are linked to accounts, that allow them to request resources;
  • Usage limits - Limits the amount of resource that can be delivered to water users;
  • Account type triggers - A trigger initiates or cancels certain actions for an account type; examples include dates and water levels; and
  • Off allocation systems.