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Constituent Routing - SRG

There are two approaches provided for routing constituent movement through a reach (i.e. a link):

  • The first approach assumes the constituent is fully mixed within a reach. This approach can be appropriate where the user is interested in monthly or annual loads. For details see Fully mixed water quality constituent routing - SRG.
  • The second approach is a particle tracking method that routes the constituent at the velocity of flow (Close, 1996). This method is more accurate and is suitable where the user is interested in concentrations or loads at shorter time steps. For details see Marker routing (Particle tracking) - SRG.


Close, A. (1996) A new daily model of flow and solute transport in the River Murray. 23rd Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium, Hobart, Australia, 21-24 May 1996, 173-178.