Note: This is documentation for version 5.0 of Source. For a different version of Source, select the relevant space by using the Spaces menu in the toolbar above

Troubleshooting and Debugging

There are a number of tools in Source to help with Troubleshooting and Debugging.  We also have Support available from eWater staff.

Pages with information about Troubleshooting and Debugging

Rules-based ordering also has the Order Crawler Recorder that is used for debugging. 

Support and Maintenance Agreements

eWater’s Software Support & Maintenance Program provides e`Water software users with easy access to technical support and software updates.

Technical support is intended for users who require assistance on technical issues, such as software installation, functionality and application. eWater makes continuous efforts to provide software of the highest quality, however bugs are inevitable in any software application. Technical support also aims to rectify issues with the software which may not be performing in the manner as the user reasonably expects it to. The purpose of technical support is to assist you with and possibly resolve these issues. Through technical support, you also get access to expert users of the software products who can answer questions concerning specific applications.

The annual Software Support & Maintenance Program includes a specification of the extent of pre-paid support (in terms of hours) that is included with your Maintenance Program. This is determined on the basis of the eWater products that are covered by your maintenance subscription.

Provided you have paid an annual Support & Maintenance Package fee, technical support will be provided for your eWater Source and Toolkit software, and includes the maintenance and update of this software during the paid period according to eWater’s release schedule for each product.

When you report a problem – by email, phone or any other means of communication – we will endeavour to respond to you as quickly as possible (acknowledging working hours, holidays and international time zones may result in some delays). We will work with you to find a suitable solution to the technical or modelling problem at hand, or if we deem the issue will require significant effort, we will advise you of the timing we expect for resolution to the best of our knowledge and ability. Your assistance in providing documented examples of the issue will not only allow us to identify the issue more quickly, but also reduce the amount of time we spend assisting you to reach a resolution.

The Software Support & Maintenance Program is offered as a series of packages to suite your needs.

Support Packages for eWater Source apply to all versions of Source (i.e. Source (public version) and the full Source version).

Multiple user bundles, and additional hours are available on request.

Please contact for further details