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Urban Developer Plugin SRG

What is Urban Developer?

Urban Developer is an integrated urban water cycle modelling (IUWM) designed as a stand-alone tool to meet the needs of water professionals facing the challenges of integrated water cycle service planning and assessment arising from the ever-increasing pressures on Australia’s water resources.

Urban Developer is now available as a plugin for eWater Source, adapted to allow urban water cycle modelling to be integrated within Source's whole-of-river-system modelling framework.

Urban Developer allows exploration of urban water systems in a level of detail and with a degree of flexibility not offered by existing integrated models.


This material has been adapted from:

eWater Cooperative Research Centre (2011) Urban Developer User Guide: Urban Developer v1.0.0, eWater Cooperative Research Centre, Canberra, 29 June 2011. ISBN 978-1-921543-40-1

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