Note: This is documentation for version 5.0 of Source. For a different version of Source, select the relevant space by using the Spaces menu in the toolbar above

Catchment Map Results Analysis

Mapping Analysis Window is one of the Source processing tools that are installed by default, accessible via  Tools » Analysis Windows » Map.... It displays a map of flows or constituent loads per sub-catchment. The relevant catchment variables must have been recorded in the scenario run to be able to view them in the Map Analysis Window. You can perform the following functions in this window:

  • To display flows or loads in each sub-catchment, under Map Details, click to open the Run drop-down menu. Choose the run, then the desired Statistic. You can either Use Flow or uncheck the checkbox and select a Constituent from the drop-down menu. Move the mouse cursor over a sub-catchment in the map view. A tool-tip appears near the mouse cursor, indicating the variable amount for that sub-catchment per year (Figure 1);
  • Flows are reported in ML/d and constituent loads in kg/d;
  • You can calculate the difference between two scenario runs by enabling the Subtract checkbox. Carry out the same steps outlined above for the mapping analysis window; and
  • Display results per unit area by enabling the Divide by Area checkbox. 
Figure 1. Mapping form with tool-tip showing TSS