Note: This is documentation for version 5.0 of Source. For a different version of Source, select the relevant space by using the Spaces menu in the toolbar above

Time Series Data Utility

Source.DataUtility.exe is a command line utility for interacting with time series data files. It is distributed with Source and found in the same folder as the other executables.


All uses cases start with an input time series file (-i argument). This can be any time series format supported by Source (e.g. res.csv, .sdb, ...)

From that you can:

  • output to another file, possibly of a different format (selected by file extension). (-o argument)
  • restrict output to one or more specific time series, by DisplayName (-k argument) 
  • Extract only part of any given time series (--startTime and --endTime arguments)
  • List the timeseries and metadata contained in the input timeseries file (-l argument)
  • List supported time series file formats (--listFormats argument)

There are some special options for the SourceDb format (used in results streaming)

  • SourceDb filter query (-q argument)
  • Add or replace the requested input time series in an existing SourceDb file (-a argument)

More options, examples and details can be obtained from the help output of the utility itself (e.g. run Source.DataUtility.exe with no arguments).