Note: This is documentation for version 5.0 of Source. For a different version of Source, select the relevant space by using the Spaces menu in the toolbar above

Scenario Summaries

Simulation Summaries

Clicking on a run name in the Tree Menu displays a simulation summary in the Central Workspace. The simulation summary records the simulation settings and has the following components:

Run NameThe run name, as it appears in the Tree Menu

A unique, persistent identifier for the run. The identifier (if present) will be surfaced in *.res.csv files exported from the run.

The run identifier can be used as a unique identifier of simulation results when integrating with other systems.


A table of information about the simulation settings. Usually, the table will have two columns:

  • Key - the metadata key, e.g. Configuration Type
  • Value - the value of the metadata, e.g. Single analysis

For custom /wiki/spaces/SD50/pages/50136827, it is possible to also define a Subkey column.

External Files

Details of external files that are used by the scenario. Three types of external files are reported (if they exist):

  • Input Set
  • Recorder Set
  • Data Source
PluginsA list of plugins loaded in the project

The simulation summary is only available for selected simulation types (Run Configurations) and, currently, Single analysis is the only Run Configuration that will generate a complete simulation summary. The simulation summary does not persist, meaning that it will not be available for runs saved in the project. It is also not available for runs exported to file. It is, however, possible to export the simulation summary in the simulation log file.

The simulation summary is designed to allow users to create plugins to display custom information or integrate with external systems. Refer to the Provenance Plugin documentation for more information.