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2. Urban Settings

The Urban Settings menu is used to configure options that will be applied to multiple elements in an Urban Scenario. For example, it is used to specify the climate data that will be applied to all climate-dependent nodes, such as the Roof node.

Setting up the Urban Settings is specified here as the second step in a three-step process of configuring and running an Urban Demand Scenario (Figure 1), since common default Urban Settings are available to be used when building the nodes. However, if new water consumption parameters are being specified then these should be allocated prior to the node configuration so that they are available for node configuration.

Figure 1 Urban Settings overview

The Urban Settings menu options are further described in the following sections:


The Urban Settings menu is available for Urban Scenarios only.

User Interface

The Urban Settings menu is accessed via the Source Toolbar menu item Edit » Urban Developer Options (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Urban Settings breakdown