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Urban Scenarios require climate data to calculate water availability and demands.

The Urban Developer Plugin allows users to specify three types of climate inputs:

  • rainfall
  • evaporation
  • temperature


The same climate data is applied to all nodes in an Urban Scenario, unlike Source Catchments and River Manager Scenarios, which allow different climate data to be specified for different features in the model.


The climate data has no dependencies.


The climate data is used by the Roof nodes and Urban Developer node end-uses that have climate dependent behaviour such as Outdoor water use.


RainfallTime series of rainfallmm>= 0, no missing data
EvaporationTime series of evaporationmm>= 0, no missing data
TemperatureTime series of temperature°Cno missing data

User Interface

Climate inputs are configured via the Urban Settings menu.

The climate time series can be specified using a constant Value, a Data Source or a /wiki/spaces/SD50/pages/50136894.